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Weddings in Woodinville through my lens - a guest blog post from attendee and photographer, Alexandra Celia.

The following is an account from Alexandra Celia, a repeat attendee of Weddings in Woodinville, on her experience and favorite elements from the 2015 tour.  All photos are from Alexandra Celia Photography.

Thank you Alexandra!

“Bella Rugosa’s flowers at this year’s Weddings In Woodinville event were seamless. The arrangements were creative, beautiful and I loved the color palette. The bright orange and red tulips paired well with the other more pastel colored roses and reminded me of summer.

Bella Rugosa

Divine Confections

Divine Confections had yummy bite size treats like Meyer Lemon Tartlets and Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes. I love tart lemon sweets and anything that pairs chocolate, caramel and salt so I might just be bias?  I also couldn’t help but noticed their beautiful pastel colored cakes topped with flowers and other garnishments. My favorite part about these cakes is they weren’t towering high. I rather liked the idea of having a more petite and simple cake. Unfortunately, they were just for display but I’m sure those cakes are just as delicious as their other treats.

Flora NovaFlora Nova had some spectacular floral arrangements this year. I’ve seen bouquets before but nothing quite like these grand displays in large crystal and gold vases, decorated with hanging jewels. The flowers chosen were light pinks and whites, which I think played out well with the gold table runners and white linens with which they shared a home. 

For the Love of PressBeing a graphic designer has turned me into a calligraphy and font nerd. I am constantly writing down new fonts I see and analyzing what I like about them. When I came across For The Love Of Press, at Willows Lodge, I immediately got excited about their hand written menus, table numbers and name place settings. Their designs are simple but unique. Specifically for the pieces they had at this event, I admired the authentic deep blue cursive that had more of relaxed style surrounded with an earthy design.

JM CellarsJM Cellars is such a magical venue. This is now my second time attending Weddings In Woodinville and each time I have walked around JM I have found myself taking things slow, looking around, and really enjoying my surroundings. When you enter the Cellars you walk through huge iron doors that look almost like vintage ceiling panels. There is a nice outdoor area where you can sit around a fire pit or relax under tea lights on comfy benches. Inside where the bridal sweet and kitchen is located is my favorite part about this venue. The architecture and dim lighting just screams romance. Dark wood lines the floors and wall trim and there are large candles lit in every corner including on the grand fireplace. Definitely could see myself getting married there. 

Lisa Dupar CateringLisa Dupar & Company produced my favorite food at Weddings In Woodinville this year. Normally, I am not much of a finger food kind of person but I found myself being sneaky and taking seconds. I really enjoyed everything they had out for guests to try but my favorites were the BLT Short Cakes and the Lemon Grass Garlic Chicken. Maybe it’s just because I love bacon, but the bacon served on whipped goat cheese and a crumbly biscuit was REALLY out of this world good.  Also, the cooks and people serving the food were very friendly and happy to explain the different components of each dish even with my camera lens in their face. I think I asked for ingredient names a few too many times, secretly wishing I could remake all of their treats at home. 

Midori BakeryIf you like baked goods and chocolate then you’ll love Midori Bakery. Their Caramelized Apple Tarts crumble in your mouth and are just the right amount of tart. I can’t even start talking about the Chocolate Mocha Mousse without my mouth starting to water. I can still taste the dark and creamy chocolate on my tongue. Everything they make is elegant and their cakes are so incredibly detailed that I found myself staring at a floral pattern on one for a good minute in disbelief. All I could think was ‘mad skills’. I would recommend their high quality pastries to anyone and everyone.

Vintage AmbianceVintage Ambiance pieces really stood out to me when visiting JM Cellars during this years event. I found myself in awe of their arrangement which featured gold-rimmed plates and glasses as well as Italian French chandeliers from the 20s; an eclectic Sabrina Hollywood theme.  Paired with white table runners and elegant placemats, the wedding décor was refined and sophisticated.  Another lovely addition to the display was the antique furniture in colors of light silver and mustard gold with embroidered accent pillows.  All I know is I better start saving because I want to see Vintage Ambiance elements incorporated into my wedding venue one day. For now, I guess it’s just wishful thinking!

Windsong TrioWhile exploring DeLille Cellars, I stumbled upon Windsong, a trio of musicians playing tasteful modern songs; a nice switch up from your typical band or DJ. The two women playing the flute were dressed in long elegant black gowns and were gracefully playing a Macklemore song.” ~ Alexandra

Alexandra Celia is an engagement and wedding photographer, who also happens to love photojournalism.  Learn more about her at alexandracelia.com.

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